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Having had the privilege of co-directing shorts with the BBC and independent films for esteemed NGOs like The Wildlife Trust and The RSPB, I bring a wealth of experience to my role as a director. Drawing from my personal background growing up in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, I find inspiration in often-overlooked landscapes and communities. Particularly, the working-class communities who discover solace and connection through their interactions with wildlife. I strive to shed light on the transformative impact that the natural world can have on our lives, perspectives, and aspirations. In my pursuit of reaching new audiences, I am driven to showcase the profound ways in which nature shapes our existence.

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Please see my Vimeo which showcases some of my work.

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Adobe Premiere Pro| Davinci Resolve | AVID
The software listed I have had 5+ years of experience with and continue to learn new iterations of said software.


With honed video editing skills, I have attained a high level of proficiency in industry-standard software like Davinci Resolve. My expertise also extends to powerful tools such as AVID, Premiere Pro, and Pro Tools, enabling me to seamlessly craft captivating narratives. Focusing on natural history and factual documentaries, I have cultivated a discerning eye for anticipation and pacing, vital elements in creating compelling programs. By merging technical acumen with my storytelling passion, my aim is to produce visually stunning and emotionally engaging films that envelop viewers in the splendor and importance of our interconnected natural world.

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